Use These 3 Types of Google Ads to Market Your Fencing Company
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Use These 3 Types of Google Ads to Market Your Fencing Company

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One of the fastest ways to kick off a new fence company marketing campaign is by running Google Ads, targeting local customers who show interest in the services your business provides by targeting keywords with high purchase intent. Our fence company marketing agency runs Google pay-per-click advertising for fencing companies across the U.S., driving leads in the form of phone calls and quote requests.

If you want to significantly increase your fence lead volume there isn’t a more measurable, scalable, and effective form of advertising available. Now, traditional text-based PPC ads that appear at the top of Google’s mobile and desktop search results are great, there are additional formats of Google Ads available, which we combine to cover Google’s paid search results and pull in local customers looking for the fencing services your business provides.

Every ad format has its purpose and strength, like text ads, for example. They are fairly beginner-friendly and the bidding is straight forward and easy to understand. Mobile-only call ads are great for generating a steady flow of inbound calls, and remarketing banner ads are great at pulling prospects back to your business that recently showed interest in hiring a local fencing company.

When we run Google Ads fence company marketing campaigns we use several different ad formats. Each is done strategically with different purposes and conversion goals in mind.

We like our clients to understand what we do and why we do it. This level of transparency helps to create a strong client-agency relationship that develops into a long-term partnership and exceptional results. Let’s review the standard three types of Google Ads we typically use when building out a new PPC fence company marketing campaign for a client.

1. Text (Words Only) Google PPC Ads

The most common fence company PPC format is text-based ads. These are straight forward – ad title, ad copy, keywords targeting, a destination URL to send the clicks, and a maximum bid per click is all that is needed to get a fence company paid ads campaign up and running.

These ads are shown at the top of Google’s search results and triggered based on the keyword(s) each ad is targeting. The maximum bid per keyword determines where your ad is shown. The higher the bid, the higher the position.

There is a lot to consider though, and bid strategy plays a big role in not only the cost per click but also the quality of the lead. You cannot solely consider the CPC (cost-per-click).

Bids can be adjusted based on the time of day, and while a CPC for a keyword might be much cheaper between the hours of 2 am and 4 am, the quality of that lead is going to be lower. Why? If someone completes a request for information at 2 am you are not going to receive that lead until the next business day. The chances of getting in touch with that lead decrease every passing minute.

If they submit at 2 pm, for example, you can contact them immediately. The chances of them picking up the phone and still being interested in discussing a fencing project with your business are much greater. Our team of fence company PPC experts understands how to big correctly for keywords that convert at a high rate, helping you to generate more leads.

The entire PPC campaign is optimized along the way, and we split-test multiple landing page variations, calls-to-action, ad extension call-outs, and targeting to continue to improve the results. Our goal is to constantly increase your lead volume while decreasing the cost-per-lead.

2. Call-Only Google PPC Ads

The best conversion rates are achieved running fence company Google Ads that drive phone calls, and the call-only ad format accomplishes this by including your phone number in the ad as the clickable component.

When the consumer clicks on the number the phone call is instantly initiated. These ads will only show to users on devices capable of making a phone call, so they are limited in the sense you aren’t going to be targeting consumers at home looking for a fence company on the desktop or laptop.

So, as a standalone PPC option, you would be missing a lot of opportunities, but as a complement to a traditional text-based fence company pay-per-click campaign, they become highly effective.
 Anytime we are running a fence company lead generation campaign the goal is to limit the amount of friction between the interested prospect and your business. Call-only ads connect warm leads instantly without the possibility of them losing interest while also eliminating the difficulty of having to contact them.

Some of the benefits of call-only PPC ads are:

● They convert higher because the potential customer isn’t being sent to a landing page, where they then have to enter their information. Some consumers might have interest but simply don’t want to complete the form so they leave. This lowers the conversion rate significantly. ● Even if they do submit and land in your CMS as a lead you then have to contact them. Will they pick up the phone? Will they return a call if you leave a message? Or will they find another option before you can get in touch with them? These are all common issues.

When they call your business as an inbound lead it allows you to close them on the spot. Offer a free estimate or something irresistible to get them to commit. Our team of fence company Google Ads experts can help you develop a strategy to close a high percentage of your inbound calls from these ads.

3. Google Display Network (GDN): Remarketing with Conversion-Intent

The two previously discussed PPC formats above are great for generating fence company leads, but not everyone that clicks on an ad or calls your business is ready to convert right away. Sometimes it takes multiple touch-points to get them comfortable about your business. Other times they just aren’t ready to make that commitment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t convert down the line.

Remarketing across the Google Display Network is a fence company local marketing strategy that many ignore. It’s more of a long-term strategy, but a very effective one. When you are spending money on PPC ads and attempting to lower your overall cost-per-lead, remarketing, or pulling previously interested consumers back to your website, puts more leads into your CMS.

The Google Display Network consists of more than two million websites and blogs that apply and elect to allow Google to run ads in return for a split of the revenue generated. SItes in the GDN touch more than 90 percent of all internet users.

By running a remarketing campaign you can “follow” people that have previously interacted with your ads and visited your website. We can segment your remarketing list and target potential customers based on what pages of your website they last visited and at which stage, if any, they are at in your conversion funnel.
 Using laser targeting our marketing message we are constantly in front of consumers that are considering hiring a local fencing company. We can then pique their interest with an irresistible offer to bring them back to your website and convert them into a lead, or we greet them online during a time they are ready to make a purchase decision, and seeing your ad prompts them to connect with your business again.

At scale, remarketing has a major impact on lowering the cost-per-lead. It takes a great deal of experience to understand how to properly segment and attack this strategy. We have the experience and know-how to help you prevent wasted ad spend and allowing customers to slide through the cracks only to hire a competing fencing company.

Final Thoughts

Google Ads are one of the best fence company marketing strategies because we can generate leads on demand, and those leads we do attract via Google Ads tend to be very high quality in terms of their closing ratio.

When a local customer needs a fencing company they naturally turn to Google. Our mobile devices have made this even more convenient – search on the go or just speak and use Voice Search. Regardless of how that initial search query begins, your fence company must be found at the top of Google’s search results.

If you would like to learn more about our fully managed Google Ads service along with our entire lineup of fence company marketing strategies, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our team of fence marketing experts will analyze your website and online presence with you, pinpointing areas we can immediately focus on to drive more leads and customers to your business.

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