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SEO for Fence Companies - How to Drive More Traffic to Your Fence Company Website

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Driving more qualified traffic to your fence company website is going to translate into more leads, customers, and eventually revenue, for your business. Google is the number one source of traffic consisting of local consumers who are actively looking to hire a fencing company.

If you want to take advantage of this marketing channel, SEO for fence companies is something you should consider, and our agency specializes in managing search engine optimization campaigns for companies just like yours throughout the country.

A thorough organic traffic strategy involves two areas – Google Maps and Google Search. It’s important that your business has top exposure in both sections, and we are going to explain how we position your fence company at the top of both to help you attract interested local customers.

Many agencies will try to make SEO for fence companies difficult to understand, using industry jargon to overwhelm and confuse you. We take the complete opposite approach. We consider the fence companies we work with partners, so it’s important to be fully transparent.

Let’s break down the two main sources of organic traffic on Google – Maps and Search – and explain what search engine optimization strategies we use to help your business reach the top of both sections.

Fence Company Content Marketing to Improve Google Rank

Every client that hires us wants to increase the Google ranking of their fence company website. It’s important to understand how to achieve the highest possible ranking position for the keywords and search terms that your ideal customer is typing into Google. Optimizing each page on your website for one keyword is the most effective strategy.

When a local search is performed the Maps results will always be displayed on top. Beneath them is the traditional search results, which is where your website content can show up when it’s optimized correctly. Our content marketing for fence companies targets this section of the search results.

While your homepage is going to rank on top for your business name, it’s not a smart strategy to attempt to rank it for multiple keywords – it just spreads the effort too thin and waters down the effectiveness.

So, by creating service pages we can target very specific keywords that drive traffic for specific needs, like pool fencing, for example. Then, via your blog, we can target more long-tail search phrases.

The best way to get more website traffic for a fence company is to map out all of the search terms and keywords we want to rank for and then create service pages and blog content that is optimizes specifically for each one.

This allows us to create titles, URLs, headings, etc. that are all focused around one specific keyword. Also, in the long run, this creates multiple pages for your website, which Google loves to see.

Google’s main goal is to return the best results for its users, so it’s going to view a fence company website that consists of 80+ pages of content a much better source of information than a basic website with four or five pages consisting of thin content. Our fence company SEO experts work alongside our content team to ensure we target the keywords that are going to result in more customers for your business.

Creating and publishing the optimized content on your website is the first part of the fence company SEO strategy, and then we have to begin a link building effort to increase the authority of some pages. This helps to push your website to the top of the search results for some of the more competitive keywords.

Some content will rank high in the search results without any link building. Keywords with low search volume and low competition will often rank on top with strong on-page SEO. It’s important to target all of the best keywords in terms of search-intent and not just search volume.

If a great keyword receives only 50 monthly searches, but it’s possible to rank on top with minimal SEO, it’s worth going after. The keyword could be responsible for attracting a new customer each month. Then, when you multiply the effort across dozens of low competition keywords each month you can see how your website traffic and customer acquisition number have the potential to exponentially grow month-over-month.

This is why fence company search engine optimization is such an incredible marketing strategy. When our content team is creating blog articles that target more difficult keywords they tend to create articles that are hubs of information.

By creating a valuable resource it’s much easier to get other websites to link to the article. We have an entire team that specializes in outreach and link building for fence companies. Multiple departments work together on the fence company SEO, analyzing data along the way to continuously optimize and improve the traffic volume and quality of leads generated.

Local SEO for Fence Companies: Google My Business Optimization

If you are serious about increasing your fence company leads using Google then ranking at the top of the Maps results is mandatory. To show up here you need a Google My Business listing and it needs to be optimized for keywords and search phrases relevant to the services your fence company provides and the areas your business services.

When a business is consistently showing up at the top of Google Maps we can see a significant spike in Google traffic for a fence company. Being listed on top drives traffic to your website and it also generates phone calls that you can then turn into customers.

Not every potential customer wants to visit your website and complete a form to request a quote. Someone might have a quick question or want to ask about a specific service – in these instances, they will pick up the phone, and mobile searches specifically tend to drive more calls since the user has his or her phone in hand and all it takes is a single tap to be connected to your fence company.

There is no cost to set up a Google My Business profile and the majority of our fence company marketing clients already have a GMB listing before we are hired. The first thing we like to do is audit the entire listing for accuracy in terms of contact information.

From there we rewrite the business description according to the main keywords that our fencing company SEO campaign will be targeting. Our keyword research team evaluates competition, ranking difficulty, the services your business offers, and additional factors to map out a strategy that will result in increased traffic with a high probability of converting into customers.

How to Get More Fence Company Google Reviews

One of the more important focus points of fence company search engine optimization when trying to dominate the Google Maps section is the consistent addition of reviews from past customers.

Fence company Google reviews serve a few purposes:

Build Customer Trust: If an individual is looking to hire a local fence company are they going to trust the business with two reviews, the last being over a year old, or are they going to feel more confident about the business with 60+ reviews, the last one being from a week ago?

Reviews make potential customers trust a business they have no prior experience with. They will read the third-party reviews and if they are good, the potential trust issues are removed. Any time that friction is removed the consumer is going to close much easier and convert into a customer.

Improve Click-Through Rate: Listings with more reviews attract more website clicks and phone calls, and this is simply because the person instantly trusts the business more. A listing in position number three can attract more traffic and clicks than the top listing if they have a significantly larger number of total reviews.

Play into Google’s Algorithm: Google’s local search algorithm also takes reviews into account since they want to provide their users with the best information. It’s common sense – a business with a large number of reviews and lots of recent reviews is doing something right. Attracting more fence company Google reviews is going to help position your business higher up in the Maps results.

Many local businesses don’t put enough effort into attracting new reviews consistently due to a lack of time. They might ask the customer once and if they happen to remember it results in a new review added.

Automating the process makes it easier, and it also reduces the number of previous customers who don’t leave a review. Multiple follow up sequences help to capture a high percentage, and we have several strategies to ensure that we are constantly attracting new Google reviews for your fence business.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a good understanding of how search engine optimization can help your business attract more qualified leads and customers, both through the optimization of your Google My Business profile and your website.

While both require a different strategy, the main objective is the same – position your fence company at the top of the results and attract the most attention, leading to increased phone calls and quote requests.

An effective SEO for fence companies strategies focuses on all devices and search intent. The only way to experience large-scale growth is by becoming the most dominant fence company on Google in your local market.

If you are interested in learning more about our fence company marketing, including search engine optimization and a wide range of additional offerings, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and online audit. Our team of fence company marketing experts will answer any questions you may have and explain what we can do to make a significant positive impact on your company’s online growth.

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