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Increase Your Fence Company's Revenue with This Social Media Strategy

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Marketing a fence company on social media requires a hyper-local focus, as the most valuable followers are those located within the same community as the business. While a large number of followers looks good from afar, if they aren’t located within the service area of the fence company they become nothing more than a vanity metric. They are unlikely to become a customer even if they have a genuine interest or need due to distance.

Once you understand that the quality of your followers on social media is far more important than the total quantity, you become more open to following strategies that are designed to attract that local customer base.

With so much noise on social media – every business is actively trying to grab the very small piece of attention available – you need to have a plan. Too many businesses will post randomly without any thought or strategy behind what they are posting, the message the post is conveying, or when it’s posted.

We want your fence company to attract more customers using social media marketing, so we have put together a beginner-friendly list of points to consider when starting or revamping your campaign. It’s important to know what social networks are worth the effort and how to differentiate your fence company from the competition.

Know What Platforms Your Target Fence Customers Are Actively Using

There will always be new and emerging social media networks as well as new features and abilities that the original platforms – Facebook and Twitter for example – introduce in an attempt to stay cutting edge.

The space is extremely competitive and for every juggernaut like Facebook, dozens have attempted to gain market share only to fail and disappear. The average age of a consumer that would need to hire a fence company, whether for a repair or new installation, is going to be in that 35 to 65 age range.

Any younger and they are not likely to be homeowners, and older put them into that retirement and possible assisted living category. This age demographic is most active on Facebook. While you will want to have a presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the majority of your effort should be allocated to Facebook marketing.

You can also repurpose your content across the other platforms, which makes it even easier. TikTok is the top downloaded social media app in Apple’s App Store, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your target fence customer is going to be found there.

As Gen Z and Millennials claim Facebook is for “older people,” and focus on Instagram and TikTok, Facebook has grown into a more adult-friendly and mature platform. This gives you a major advantage when marketing your fence company on social media as there is less noise to breakthrough.

Test Content Formats for the Best Engagement Rates

Facebook’s feed allows you to post a wide variety of fence-themed content. These options include:

  • Text-based post
  • Post with an image
  • Post with a video
  • Allowing WhatsApp messages
  • Allowing Facebook Messenger DMs
  • Host a Q&A
  • Offer gift cards
  • Post a feeling or activity

These are the basic posting options for the majority of Facebook business pages, but please be aware that Facebook often removes options if they deem them to be unpopular while releasing new options they want to test. Sometimes those new options are only rolled out to a few businesses at a time to collect data feedback.

So, if you hear of or see a new feature on another Facebook page and don’t have access to it just yet sit tight. If Facebook moves forward with a full rollout you will see it when that time comes.

Take full advantage of every option and discover first-hand what works the best for your specific fencing company. A lot of the success behind the content is how it’s presented and the personality that it conveys.

Some examples include images of completed jobs, videos with tips related to long-term care and protection, Q&As focused on costs and timeframes, etc. We could list off some cookie-cutter examples, but that isn’t going to automatically equate to success.

It’s best to understand what content formats each social media platform accepts and then start testing. Content with the most engagement, direct messages, and inbound job quotes and hires is something to continue to focus on and take to the next level.

Learn How to Leverage Automated Social Media Marketing

As previously mentioned, Facebook is going to be your bread and butter – it’s just simply where you are going to encounter the correct age demographic. Applying the same effort and time towards TikTok and Instagram that you do on Facebook wouldn’t be as fruitful, but you can easily share the same content on all other platforms by using a management and scheduling tool.

This allows you to have a presence everywhere. Sync your Instagram and Facebook accounts through your settings and enable cross-posting. This way every time a Facebook post is pushed it automatically posts to your Instagram page. Use hashtags in your Facebook post and they will be applied to the Instagram post as well. This eliminates the need for any manual editing.

Twitter might not be as effective for your fence company, but you can schedule Tweets for the next 45-60 days at a time. You can create a content library within a tool like Hootsuite and re-tweet the most successful posts. This recycling ensures that you are posting content that is proven to create engagement.

This is how brands and businesses appear to be always dominating the top of Google’s search results and constantly on social media. They can be “active” on all o them because of automation. Their manual effort and the bulk of their creativity are focused on the social media channel or channels that deliver the best prove results.

Get Creative with Contests and Local Follower Campaigns

Many small local businesses become discouraged when they post for a while yet don’t experience any growth on social media. While it is possible – and it does happen – for potential customers to come across a business organically, it’s a much better strategy to make an effort to attract those you want to follow your fence company by using a little creativity.

Contests are a great way to create a buzz and spark engagement that otherwise wouldn’t occur. Consumers love the chance to win something for free, regardless of the actual monetary value. When you offer up a “local” prize it helps to get the contest post active while ensuring that the majority of the engagement is from your local area.

Some examples of prizes could be movie tickets for a local theatre or a gift certificate to a local restaurant – make sure these are not nationwide chains. Sporting events or theme park tickets are also very desirable.

Make it very simple to enter. Require someone to follow your page, like the post, share it, and comment while tagging two to three friends that might also be interested. Then, pick a random winner at the predetermined end time, and be sure to make an announcement post and tag the winner.

Every local consumer that participates becomes introduced to your fence company and follows your page. This social media fence company marketing strategy can be repeated often, resulting in healthy follower count growth.

Quality of followers – in this case those local to your business – is a much more important metric than the number of followers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it every business needs to have an active presence on social media, even if it’s not the biggest source of customer acquisition. While SEO and pay-per-click can drive growth at scale, social media serve two purposes.

In addition to direct lead generation and sales, social media provides your fence company with additional owned real estate online. The average consumer is active on social media daily, so when they are considering engaging with a local business, whether it’s a car dealership for their next vehicle purchase or a fence company for an installation job for their new pool, they will often turn to social media for validation that the business is in good standing.

Is the company active? Have they posted recently? Are there any customer complaints or red flags? These are all questions the average consumer is looking to answer when looking at the social media profiles of a local business on their radar.

If you would like to learn more about our full-service fence company social media marketing services please contact us today. Our team on fence marketing professional will be more than happy to explain the process as well as answer any questions you may have about marketing a fence business on social media.

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