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Facebook Ads for Fence Companies - How to Generate More Leads and Customers

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Is your fence company looking for more leads and customers? Let’s look at why Facebook ads for fence companies can be one of the best sources of new customers for your business. Facebook continues to be the largest social network, with almost 200 million users in the United States alone.

It’s a social network that has matured over the years and it’s the social network the older demographic uses, which is ideal for a fence company. While other social media networks like Instagram and TikTok might be more popular with kids today, Facebook is where the homeowner-age demographic is highly active.

When we run Facebook ads for fence companies several strategies are implemented to make sure the offer is being placed in front of local customers that are likely to be interested in the services your business provides.

With the majority of your local market active on Facebook, it allows us to build awareness and put your offers out in the local community. We can then identify individuals that have expressed different levels of interest in these offers and serve highly targeted ads to them in an attempt to convert them into a customer.

Why Facebook Ads for Fence Companies Are Highly Effective

Facebook ads for fencing companies work so well simply because of the available audience we have to market to. Today, most people have Facebook and they are active daily. With Google Ads, we are targeting specific search terms and keywords related to hiring a local fencing company. Facebook ads require a different approach.

Since Facebook isn’t a search engine, potential local customers aren’t on there specifically looking for a fence company. So, it’s our job to place engaging ads in front of those who have a high probability of being interested in the services you offer.

A local consumer might be on Facebook looking at pictures of their grandchildren or reading updates from their favorite news source and then come in contact with your offer. If it piques their curiosity, they might click-through to your website where we can offer them something of value in exchange for their email address and/or phone number. They then get placed into the sales funnel, to eventually convert them into a customer.

There are many different formats of Facebook ads for fencing companies that we can run. Video ads that showcase past projects and installations, or image ads that are very direct based on the targeting. Aside from the sheer number of users on Facebook, it’s the targeting options that Facebook offers its advertisers that makes it such a great platform to advertise your fence company.

Fence Company Facebook Ads: Targeting Best Practices

One of the main reasons why fence company Facebook ads are so effective is because of the targeting options available. Not only can we target Facebook users based on their geographical location in relation to your business, but we can also target based on interests. This allows us to place ads directly in front of local consumers that have a high likelihood of being interested in the ad based on many different factors.

For example, we can target based on a geographical radius according to your service area. Whether you serve a 100-mile radius or a 20-mile radius, we can target the desired location and then also target based on interests and other key identifiers.

Facebook users that are newly engaged are likely to be new homeowners or soon-to-be new homeowners. Married individuals in the 28 to 38 age demographic are also likely to be newer homeowners and possibly in the market for a fence or an upgraded fence.

Someone that follows home remodeling and home improvement pages on Facebook are also great candidates to target with fencing company Facebook ads. They could be looking for new ideas for landscaping and yard improvements, and a new fence is likely to be something that will be needed as well.

We can even take it a step further and target local users that follow pool companies. If they are in the market for a pool they are going to need a fence as well. It comes down to creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Consumers in your local market aren’t logging into Facebook with the intent of finding a fence company. But, with intelligent and creative targeting, we can run fence company Facebook ads that generate interest and drive traffic to your website, and through remarketing and followup campaigns, generate leads and customers that originate from the world’s largest social media network – Facebook.

The fencing company Facebook ads strategy that we implement for your business will depend on several factors, from your location and service area to your offerings and main objectives when it comes to new customer acquisition. Our fence company marketing agency is experts when it comes to creating fence company Facebook ad campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

Generate Fence Leads Using Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads for fence leads is a great top of the funnel marketing strategy. The average potential customer isn’t likely going to sign a contract for a fence installation immediately after seeing your ad on Facebook, but it is a great way to get their interest and make them aware of your business.

Once we know that they are interested we can remarket to them on Facebook with more aggressive offers, and then once we have their contact information – mobile number or email address – we can place them into the marketing funnel and eventually convert them into a warm lead via a quote estimate and job bid.

We can get fence customers from Facebook ads using a funnel approach. If a fence company were to simply run ads with a generic message offering fence installations, the response would be minimal at best as would the return on ad spend.

Instead, we run multiple ad variations that generate interest. A local customer that recently purchased a home might see the ad and think, “I do eventually want to have a new fence installed in my backyard. Let me check this company out.” This causes them to click-through and land on your website.

We can then market to that same consumer on Facebook using a more aggressive ad that provides them with an incentive to inquire further about the services your business offers. From free estimates to a discount – there are multiple offers that we can test to pull that local consumer back into the funnel and get them to commit further.

Every stage of this process is designed to keep pushing that consumer towards that lead conversion. Once you have that interest and commitment you now have a highly qualified lead that can be turned into a customer.

As you can see, Facebook is a great source of local prospects. It requires creative thinking and a multi-stage funnel approach, but once we design and optimize winning ad sets we can continue to duplicate and scale the campaigns to create a very effective source of new fence company leads and customers.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why Facebook ads for fence companies can be so effective, but there is quite a steep learning curve when it comes to Facebook’s advertising platform. From understanding how its pixel works to the multiple ad formats available, it requires an experienced fence company Facebook ads agency to deliver results.

It’s not as simple as just creating fencing company Facebook ads and launching the campaign. Most businesses that attempt to run their own campaigns don’t see a return, and that is due to the platform’s extensive features and formats.

If you would like to learn more about how we can run Facebook ads to generate fence company leads for your business, we are more than happy to offer you a complimentary strategy session. Our team of Facebook ad experts not only understands the advertising platform inside and out, but they also work exclusively for fence companies, and understanding your business gives us an advantage over other Facebook marketing agencies that are not industry-specific.

We create highly effective Facebook ads for fence companies, so if you are ready to be our next success story contact us today and let us show you how we can help you generate more leads for your fence company using Facebook.

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